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Our Purpose


Horsham Township has so many incredible church and community groups that help to serve the residents of Horsham Township and enhance the quality of life for all residents. The major purpose of Horsham Township Community Connections is to support and strengthen the efforts of every one of these outstanding groups and organizations. 


Horsham Township Community Connections will serve as a great way to bring all the great people, organizations and resources together to better serve the people of Horsham.  It is hoped that this group will be able to maintain, and even enhance, an already great community for the people of Horsham. 


Who we Are

Gary Bissig

Horsham ChATs

Jon Clark

Horsham Community Policing Coordinator

William Gallagher

Horsham Township Council

William Gildea-Walker

Township Manager, Horsham Township

Andrea Kelly

Horsham ChATs

Mary Marass

Public Relations Clerk, Horsham Township

Lynn Matthews

Rotary Club of Horsham

Gregory Nesbitt

Vice President, Horsham Township Council

Michael Osborne

Horsham Interfaith Coalition

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