Now Hiring: Horsham Township Assistant Director of Public Works

August 12, 2021

Horsham Township is seeking applications for an Assistant Director of Public Works! The Assistant Public Works Director will have a heavy influence in managing the township’s community center, and 840 acres of parkland and open space.

Support Graeme Park: Become a Member

June 14, 2021

After a 13 ½ month closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have finally been authorized by the PHMC to resume doing regular Friday-Sunday tours for individual parties. While we are not yet allowed to do public events and group tours, we anticipate these returning in 2022. We have managed to keep up with basic utilities, maintenance, insurance, and other expenses through the closure with the help of PPP loans, a few small grants, and limited private rentals, but we could use your support now more than ever.

Will you become a new member or renew your membership in the Friends of Graeme Park? We’re offering a special “Post Covid” deal which will extend your membership from the time you enroll through the end of 2022. Your membership will allow you (individual memberships) or your household (household memberships) free tours of the Keith House and discounted or free admission to special events, which we anticipate bringing back in the spring of 2022. We appreciate your support and hope you will choose to support our organization, programs, and of course the beautiful and historic Keith House.